Add a title for image:

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  1. Text mode
    1. Click anywhere on the image to add text
    2. Use the Font Face dropdown box to choose a different font
    3. Drag the Text Size slider to make the font bigger or smaller
    4. Move the two circles in the Text Color section to change colors
    5. To edit a text item, click it
    6. To delete a text item, click it and remove all the text, or just hit delete while it is the selected item (selected items have a dotted border)
  2. Paint Mode
    1. Use Paint Mode to remove words that are part of the image or make modifications to the image
    2. Use the Brush Size slider to change how big your paintbrush is
Base Image Size
  • Text
  • Paint
Click anywhere on the image to add text
Text Color
Text size
Font face
Paint Color
Brush size